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Terms and Conditions of Degree Program Enrollment

By submitting your degree program application to the University of Holistic Theology (UHT), you agree to the following:

1. Application and Enrollment

Your application, whether submitted online, by FAX, or by mail represents a legal and binding agreement to complete your enrollment in a timely manner and subsequently pay your tuition balance as agreed upon official acceptance into the program.

2. Enrollment Agreement

The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable. UHT is an Institute of Higher Education. Please do not begin the enrollment process unless you are serious about your education and want to earn a degree that will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride upon completion. Paying your enrollment fee does not automatically guarantee acceptance into a degree program. Payment of your tuition does NOT guarantee conferral of any degree or certificate. Upon acceptance, you MUST successfully complete and pass the required coursework as outlined by the university, and in accordance with all terms and conditions set forth in this section.

3. Required Approval for Time-Off

In the event that you need to put your studies on hold  for more than 3-months, you must notify the university in writing to request that time off. With prior approval you may take time off from your coursework to attend to unexpected issues that may come up in your life after your enrollment. An unexcused absence (no course work submitted for 3 consecutive months) with no prior approval, will result in your student status being set to "inactive". Inactive students will be required to submit a Reactivation Fee of $250 in order to continue on with their studies. Those that have not submitted course work for a period of 6-months or more (without prior approval) will be considered as having withdrawn from the program.

4. Degree Eligibility For Tuition Payment-Plan Students

Those on an extended tuition financing plan for their Degree Program must complete their tuition obligation in full before becoming eligible for conferral of a Degree.

5. Cancellation Policy **

The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.

There are no tuition refunds for payments that have been made to the university. The one exception is for degree programs that have been paid for in full, in which case the college would prorate any refunds only as outlined below. Any refunds will include a deduction of a US$300 Administrative Fee to cover associated costs.

For example:

Withdrawal within 3-days of enrollment: full amount, less $300 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within one-week of enrollment: 50%, less $300 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within two-weeks of enrollment: 25%, less $300 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal after 14-days: No Refunds

** Please note that the cancellation policy noted above applies only to UHT Degree Programs. Outside certificate programs (i.e., courses that may be certified by UHT, but managed outside of the university) will each have their own unique policies in regard to tuition payment, cancellation, rescheduling, etc. If you are registering for a certificate program, please make sure to review the specific terms for that course.

6. Transfer Credit
As with any college or university program, (when attempting to transfer credit for past college-level work) the amount of credit given, if any, depends entirely on policy of evaluating institution. Just as UHT reserves the right to determine transfer credit given for a student's past education toward the entrance requirements of our university, other institutions reserve the same right when determining how they will handle transfer credit. If you are planning to transfer credit from UHT, or any other university, to another specific institution, it is suggested that you contact them in advance to ask about that school's unique policy toward transfer credit. UHT makes no warranty or representation as to the amount of credit other institutions will allow for course work completed at our university.

7. Tuition Agreement

You agree to pay your tuition according to the guidelines of your selected tuition payment plan. Each incoming degree program student that chooses one of the available extended payment options must complete the standard Tuition Contract Form and return it to the university prior to the start of their degree program.

8. Access to the UHT Online Campus Website

All UHT students receive access to the private Online Student Center website. As the name implies, the Online Student Center is a private, password-protected resource website for enrolled students of UHT ONLY. The UHT Online Campus System is a mandatory component of the program.

While we use our best efforts to maintain the campus system to high standards, UHT makes no warranty of availability, access, or compatibility for use with your computer system. Students are solely responsible for their ability to access the online campus system. This includes, but is not limited to, knowledge in operating a computer, a properly functioning computer system and a functional internet connection. Occasionally, some businesses or even entire countries may apply network filters which may limit or restrict your access to the online campus system, or other third-party features of the campus web site. UHT is not responsible for any such network filtering, whether the filters be in place now - or at any time in the future.

9 Code of Conduct

As an international school, UHT students come from many different backgrounds and cultutres. We expects that any and all communication from students (or between students, should those options exist for your course(s)) - whether by e-mail, written within an assignment, or posted to a forum - will remain civil and respectful at all times. Certificate courses may have their own specific guidelines regarding course and online conduct. Please see your course page for details.

Plagiarizing will not be tolerated under any circumstance and is grounds for immediate termination and dismissal– all funds paid will be forfeited and degrees unobtainable. No exceptions will be made. The committee’s word will be final.

Extended Payment Terms

Terms and Conditions for Extended Tuition Financing Plans for Degree Programs

Applies to all monthly payment plans and any Automatic Monthly Online Installment Plans offered by UHT for Degree Programs.

Those on extended tuition payment plans must enter into an automatic monthly credit card billing agreement with the college. It is an easy, efficient and safe way to submit your monthly tuition installment payments.

Those without a major credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover) but have a U.S. Checking Accounts may also use automated monthly bank drafts through PayPal. This requires that the student set up a free account with PayPal –

Students may choose between having the secure PayPal system automatically deduct payment from their PayPal / Credit Card or Checking Account on a monthly basis – OR- choose to have the University Administration Office process your credit card manually each month. If you choose this option, you must complete the standard Credit Card Payment Form.

Please note that PayPal may cancel any recurring installment subscription when a funding credit card expires or other account changes are made. If this occurs during your installment term, the Administration Office will create a new installment plan that will continue where your payments had left off. Students are responsible for reinstating their installment plan in a timely manner.

Payments by Mailed Check

With prior approval ONLY, students who prefer to mail their full tuition payments by check may do so. Please confirm with the Administration Office before mailing any check payments to the school.

We no longer accept mailed check payments for monthly installment plans.

Installment Notes:

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the university, student account payments not received within 30 days of the installment payment date will be considered delinquent. Payments not received for two consecutive months will cause the student's status to be set to “inactive”. Once a student account has been set to “inactive” status, no further coursework will be accepted, reviewed, graded or applied to the student's permanent record. Within a 6-month period of being set to inactive-status, a reinstatement fee of $250 will be required to reactivate the student's account. After 12-months of being on inactive-status, the student will be required to re-apply to the university in order to continue.

Student accounts with check payments that are returned as non-payable from the bank will be assessed a $30 returned check fee.

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University of Holistic Theology is an Institutional Member of the Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA), an affiliate of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

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